Business Trip Health Tips

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve got to lose a few pounds. My biggest hurdle: keeping on track when my job sends me on the road. Its hard balancing trying to experience a new city, the inability to cook for myself, and varying accessibility to a gym. This is a brief overview of some of the ways I’ve found helpful to stay on track. Let me be clear though, this is neither a complete guide nor is it a guide for people who are fitness addicts. It’s for someone who wants to keep health in mind while enjoying working in a new city.


  • Google the area ahead of time

The first thing I do after scheduling a work trip is to google where I’m going. After prowling Trip Advisor and what’s around my hotel I usually look for places to eat. I’m unashamedly a big fan of food. One of my favorite part of a work trip is having meals put on my company card. After looking at the highest rated restaurants on yelp and any features on Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives, I like to do a quick search for “healthy restaurants” in the area. Most cities have some health minded restaurants, including fabulous vegan places, farm-to-table spots, and such

  • Take a trip to the Grocery Store

Some places aren’t blessed with a lot of options for healthy restaurants (or maybe they just weren’t very good). Another place to pursue some wholesome options is at the local grocery store. You can pick up protein bars, or other nourishing snacks so you don’t fall prey to the vending machine. If you need something for breakfast, buy a pack of oatmeal for the week that you can make at work. If there’s a Whole Foods or other health food store in the area, you can usually pick up a plethora of premade meals to help you keep track of your portions and calories. If you have a hotel room with a small kitchen, you can even cook for yourself.

  • Pack Workout Clothes

Sometimes being on the road means long hectic hours. Honestly, I know that there’s gonna be times when I will be too exhausted to do anything when I get back to the hotel room. But sometimes I will be able to work out. Not bringing gym clothes is giving up before anything even happens. So pack something, even if you think getting to the gym would be a long shot.

  • Combine Workout and Sight Seeing

Hitting the gym is my main form of workout. But when I’m someplace new I always try to fit in a walk. An hour walking is not gonna burn as many calories as an hour on the treadmill but it will help you take in the area and get your heart rate up. If you’re a runner, even better!