Probably my biggest issue with starting a new craft project is deciding what to start with. I’m just about to begin my third original embroidery piece and there’s so many choices to make. I went to the fabric store to try and get inspiration, but I got more conflicted. What color? What finish? What thread count?  Since I’m just an amateur crafter, my budget for crafting is very small. While I’ve designated enough to invest in myself, I don’t have the flexibility to buy everything that speaks to me. So, I end up needing to make a lot of decisions.

            I’m not sure what it is about the wiring in the human brain that makes us think a decision is “wrong,” but it can be a very acute distress. Each decision seems additionally daunting since I don’t have experience to use as reference point. But are these decisions that critical? What’s going to be the difference a year from now if I create a velvet or cotton hoop? Okay, okay, there’s going to be a difference- but not a big one. Plus, you can always embroider the same thing on more than one surface. I got to drill that into my perfectionist brain- there’s rarely a wrong decision when it comes to a hobby; making mistakes isn’t the end of the world.

            There’s always going to be a million reasons not to start a project. I can think of a hundred involving Netflix alone. There’s always going to be a newer, more exciting idea. Don’t let indecisiveness trap you in a circle of pushing off something you want to accomplish.