An Ode to the Unproductive Weekend

Traveling is a huge part of my current job. This causes a ton of jetlagged, completely unproductive weekends. Honestly, I think I would feel less guilty committing fraud than I do accomplishing nothing over the weekend. That’s pretty messed up. At some point it was decided that productivity was priority #1. In fact, productivity is the new ~hip~ thing, with the explosion of bullet journals and all manner of apps to help do more each day than humanly possible.

Don’t get me wrong. Getting things done is super important (and crucial to this whole adulting thing) yet I usually need reminding that it’s okay to accomplish nothing. Sometimes unproductivity is crucial in mental health productivity. Relaxing is a thing too, people.

So take care of that messy kitchen tomorrow, enjoy doing nothing today.

Dearest weekend, I sing your praise;

            You give so much in two days.

Thank you for giving me the time to sleep

            To cook, to sew, to launder, to sweep.

And yet you never seem to last

            Or perhaps you never seem to pass.

An eternity when there’s nothing to do;

            A moment when there’s much to pursue.     

Every task added to the never ending list

            Is another opportunity to be missed.

But I will not be bound by the expected,

            Undo expectations won’t make me dejected.

I will not focus on what other’s will see         

I will put my effort into what’s best for me.